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Please Consider Volunteering!

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The CDRC relies completely on volunteers. We have a great club and it is because the same key people continue to step up and volunteer their time and expertise to make the club activities happen.

It is great to see more and more people staying after the show's to put the equipment away, or seeing someone with a wheelbarrow and fork in the ring picking up after the horses.

There are so many little jobs that need to be done that take only a few minutes, but make the shows run much smoother. Do you have a skill in 'real life' that you could volunteer to help improve the club? Do you have two hours a month to attend a club meeting?

The more input we have from our members, the better the club will be. It would be great to get more input from the younger members of our club as it will be our younger members and their children in the time to come that will be attending and putting on shows in the future.

 E-transfers - important info
  1) All payments by etransfer must indicate in the message box what Show the money is for, and if the money includes CDRC membership dues, and if the show fees/membership is for a different person than the payee. 2) All entries must be current HCBC and CDRC members.
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